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Are you looking for an ad server that isn’t using personal data? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Ad serving with consent and no-consent advertising placements

The online advertising world is constantly changing. That's why we help publishers choose the optimal technique for online video, display and audio advertising. For now and for the future.

Privacy is a hot topic. Due to the stricter privacy legislation, more awareness among consumers and technological developments that ensure that the possibilities are constantly changing, it is important that you can continue to advertise. Including if visitors to a website or app don’t accept advertising cookies or tracking, you want to make sure you can still offer relevant advertising. This allows advertising revenue to continue to exist, and even grow.

Our ad server is suitable for direct purchase of campaigns on a website, but also as a Demand Side Platform. With the latter option, you allow our agencies and advertisers to bid on your (real-time) ads.

From our dashboard you can manage and adjust all campaigns and set up deals at the same time with the Opt Out DSP users. Our platform also has an integrated cookie-checker, that automatically inspects content for cookies or trackers. That way you can be sure that you are using the right content for your network.

Our technique works for both large and small publishers. For example, we work together with the Regional Public Broadcasters, XITE, Rodi Media, Brug Media, Spokesperson and Streaming magazine.

Experiences from a few publishers

To guarantee the privacy of our viewers, but also to achieve maximum and relevant reach for advertisers, Opt Out Advertising helps us implement the right ad serving strategy so that we can continue to serve both sides of the consent spectrum. The group that does not agree to the sharing of personal data no longer needs to be excluded from (relevant) advertisements.
Robby Kraai
Director of Advertising Technology at XITE
We can immediately cash in on our current no-consent offer of approximately 20 percent and switch to a completely cookie-less working method with the push of a button. This is legally important for us as a regional public broadcaster.
Martijn Boesveld
Commercial Manager at Omroep Gelderland
Via Opt Out Advertising we were able to create an extra commercial boost by utilizing the no-consent inventory. Together with them, we are better prepared for the future where privacy regulations will become more important. In addition, it is operationally user-friendly and Opt Out Advertising is always standby to give us advice to make the best use of all possibilities.
Christian van Goethem
Marketing Coordinator at Rodi Media

Content-focused Advertising Space

Cookies, tracking and matching are often used to target a specific and relevant audience. This is personal data that cannot be used if people refuse cookies.

Fortunately, as a publisher you can also offer relevance to your advertisers without this personal data. With our context engine you shift the focus from personal to content-focused advertising. This adds an extra dimension to the ads and lets you see which context, emotion or sentiment applies to an article or video/audio fragments.

In addition, we add a label whether the content is ‘brand safe’, with which you can give advertisers the extra certainty that they will end up with suitable content.