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Did you know that you automatically miss 20% of your reach right now? Don't get caught by surprise and prepare for the cookie-less era. Through our premium network, but also within our Demand Side Platform, we can add this reach to your campaign efforts. Immediately test what advertisements without cookies can do for you.

Online video and display advertisements can be purchased with us in two ways:

1. Direct purchasing within our premium network

Within our network, there are various affiliated publishers for which Opt Out Advertising handles the sale of the ads. This makes you visible to local and regional broadcasters such as but not limited to Omroep Brabant, RTV Oost, Omroep West and NH Nieuws, but also to Startpagina, Goeie question, Speak tube and Streaming magazine.

Through our premium network, your campaign is guaranteed to be carried out for a fixed rate. Within this network, we see more than 100 million visits to the pages every month and we reach an average of 7 million people per week via the websites and apps.

Online video campagnes worden altijd als pre-roll instream non-skippable vertoond op websites en binnen apps. Deze worden altijd over het gehele aangesloten netwerk vertoond. Met consent kun je daarnaast inspelen op diverse locaties, zonder consent gaan wij met jou kijken naar alternatieven zoals bijvoorbeeld relevantie op basis van de content. De maximale video lengte betreft 20 seconden.

Het minimale campagne budget voor online video bedraagt €3.000.

Display campaigns are delivered on the websites and apps on consent and no-consent target groups. Display is offered in the form of IAB formats and High Impact options.

For High Impact we offer the following special display formats:

  • Video in banner, where we can convert the online video into a video in the appropriate banner format.
  • Cover stories where you can use your story as branding through articles and video content.
  • Conversational banners where you can interact with the target group and see what’s on their mind.
  • Are you looking for customized options? We’ll happily brainstorm with you.
For display campagnes there is a minimum campaign budget of €1,000.

Would you also like to see what our network can do for your campaign results? Then it is good to know that we also have a special promotion. When 20%-50% of the campaign budget is spent on display with IAB formats, in addition to online video, we double the display impressions!*

Campaigns within this network can be requested directly or set up via Deal IDs.

*this promotion is not valid for Gambling organisations

2. Making use of our Demand Side Platform

With the DSP you can roll out programmatic campaigns with Dutch, Belgian and German publishers. You can also create your own domain lists or exclude certain publications from the campaign.

Within this DSP you have access to both consent and no-consent inventory. With this you can also immediately increase your reach and ensure that people who do not want to be followed still see your message.

Do you want to focus your campaign on specifically relevant content? Then it is good to know that our context engine is fully integrated where you can specifically target campaigns on, for example, Sports, Housing, Politics, Health or Game content. This makes you visible in articles on this subject. In total there are 24+ categories to choose from.

In addition to context, you can also react with the weather. If it is sunny and above 20 degrees, you may want to give the summer collection an extra boost. But if it is rainy and below 10 degrees, the campaign should be stopped immediately. You can easily set all these clever adjustments yourself.

This can of course also be dynamically responded to with the content, which can save a lot of valuable time.

Directly set up a no-strings-attached first campaign in our DSP without any fixed fees. This means that you only pay for what you put in.

Do you want to know more about the possibilities within the DSP or do you have questions about the premium network? Then get in touch with us at info@optoutadvertising.com