March 29, 2022 by Linda

Coverstories partnership

Coverstories X Opt Out Advertising

Coverstories and Opt Out Advertising have as of today entered into a partnership. With immediate effect, it is possible to use display messages in the form of Coverstories within the Opt Out Advertising network. This applies to campaigns that are purchased directly within the affiliated network as well as to advertisers and media agencies that use the Opt Out Demand Side Platform.

What is Coverstories?

Coverstories is a product that is somewhere between Branded Content and Display advertising. It is an innovative format that offers the possibility to add a story to the display via the user-friendly interface. The person who sees the Cover Story first sees it as a banner, after which a piece of branded content appears the moment one clicks on it. This story is designed in a few simple steps in collaboration with Opt Out Advertising, the media agency and/or the advertiser itself via the Cover Story dashboard.

What can this do for me?

Coverstories ensures that stories from brands stand out even more. The format was developed from the conviction that companies and organizations deserve their own place in the media to spread their content and vision. The magazine-worthy digital design, adapted to the corporate identity of the advertiser, holds readers' attention longer than most ordinary web pages. A prominent call to action ensures that interested readers immediately find their way to what the brand offers. Your self-made story can then be shown throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany using the Opt Out Advertising purchasing tool. This way you immediately have everything in one: creation, strategy and actual visibility within your target group.

Royal Dutch Mint inspires

Herman Brood would have turned 75 in November 2021. In his memory, the Royal Dutch Mint launched no fewer than three special prints in collaboration with the Brood heirs. Each print puts a different work of art in the spotlight. The artist himself is depicted on each coin with his well-known signature 'brood'. To draw extra attention to this message, the Royal Dutch Mint has developed an Augmented Reality experience in which people could hang a Brood piece on the wall through AR. For example, the painting 'The beat goes on', the highlight in the Herman Brood series, was placed directly on the wall via this AR experience. The Royal Dutch Mint wanted to surprise and inspire its target group with the Herman Brood screen prints. To draw attention to this, a Cover Story was the ideal means through which people could read more information about this action before going to the website. The readers of the regional broadcasters were curious and surprised with a unique Herman Brood Augmented Reality experience. In this way, everyone can get a 'Brood' at home. A worthy tribute to a special person! Looking at the results, a Cover Story invites you to read the story. Compared to regular display, people clicked open the story of the Royal Dutch Mint almost 5x more often. From the story, 39% of all readers clicked through to the actual AR experience. This allows us to be sure that the visitor's interest was peaked.

We had a great collaboration with Opt Out! They put down a nice cover story for us to promote our Herman Brood Augmented Reality experience. An original way of brand awareness, with great results.

– Justine Hoogstraten, Communications and PR rep at the Royal Dutch Mint.


Look for yourself

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